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 Highest safety standard with SKG *** quality mark
Lock including cylinder
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Includes free app
Installation within 3 minutes
Also access without a telephone by using a PIN code

Dimension: 30-35mm - 30-45mm

Product information

The inside knob of the Bold Smart Cylinder SX is mechanically switched. This means that the door can always be opened manually from the inside. This makes the Bold Smart Cylinder SX also suitable for escape routes.


ProductEuroprofile Button cylinder, Single-sided Checked
Material Buttons:Zinc Alloy, Matt Satin Chrome Finish
Cylinder house:Brass, Nickel Finishing
Weight:375 gr
Development:The Netherlands
Assembly:The Netherlands
BatteryCR123A, 1550mAh
Battery life2 Years and/or 20,000 Activations
Operating temperature inside knob:+10°C to +40°C
Outside knob:-20°C to +80°C
IP value:Outside knob, Cylinder housing: IP54
Inside knob: IP4X
Labels and CertificatesSKG***
Category of use:Grade 1 (Grades 0-1)
Sustainability:Grade 6 (4-6), 100,000 cycles
Digital Security:Grade F (A-F)
Burglary resistance:Grade 2 (0-2)
Package contents:1x BOLD Smart Euro Profile Button
cylinder 1x Battery
3x Length Adapters Exterior
Installation Tools


Connect the Bold Smart Cylinder to your mobile app

Remove the old cylinder

Insert the Bold Smart Cylinder


Can a Bold Smart Cylinder replace any ordinary cylinder?

Yes, the Bold Smart Cylinder is designed to replace any ordinary cylinder. You simply remove the old cylinder from your door and install the Bold Smart Cylinder in its place. 

Is the Bold Smart Cylinder safe?

The SKG quality mark is given to sound hinges and locks. The Bold Smart Cylinder is SKG *** classified. This is the heaviest burglar resistance classification awarded. 

What dimensions should my door have?

The Bold Smart Cylinder fits most doors and can easily replace your traditional cylinder lock. Measure the size of your door and check here if the Bold Smart Cylinder fits on your door. The Bold Smart Cylinder fits all doors with an inside dimension of 30 to 35 mm. The outer dimensions can be increased to 45 mm by means of extension rods.

My door is stuck - Will my Bold Smart Cylinder work?

A jamming door or heavy-duty door lock is a well-known and serious problem for motorised, smart locks. But not for Bold, where you still unlock your door by hand.

This means that just as much or more force can be applied as with a traditional cylinder. No extra worries about jamming doors, but also because of this a higher burglar resistance and guaranteed longer battery life.

What to do when my smartphone is empty?

The Bold Smart Cylinder is completely keyless, even if you have forgotten your smartphone once or if its battery is empty. In that case you can always open the door with a backup pin code. You generate this code yourself in the Bold app and enter it by turning the outside knob.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last at least 2 years or 20,000 activations. The battery status and usage are tracked by Bold and displayed in the app.

Based on this, the lock owner receives a notification well in advance (about half a year) when the battery is due for replacement and can also optionally be delivered via Bold directly. If you ignore messages for a long time, the use of the lock and the app will be adjusted to prevent the battery from being drained.


7 reviews for Bold Smart Cylinder SX Series

  1. Jasper

    Easy assembly and user-friendly app. In addition, I am very enthusiastic about the simplicity of use and the reliability of the lock. No missing keys and everyone in the family always has access. Really an asset to our home!

  2. Arjen Overbeek

    On a number of doors we have placed as Haarlem-Kennemerland fc Bold-locks. Simple installation, easy to explain to many who use our complex, and easy to manage to provide access to the right people on the right people.

  3. Paul

    Very good and affordable product! I've bought and install it one week ago and I've forgotten what the keys to the house have been since. I recommend!

  4. Nedlloyd

    I've been using the lock for several months now and I'm very satisfied. The installation went super easy. I asked a question a couple of times and I was helped immediately. The service is top!

  5. Maarten Hensen

    We use the locks every week and they work fine! Especially when a lot of people have to use a door, they are ideal.

  6. Lukas Janssen

    Really a very nice and new concept. Locks have been installed and are very satisfied with it. Top!

  7. Taoufik Dardouh

    This is a company that only values their customers and also really sells a good product. I had some questions about the installation and for bold it was no problem to answer those on Sunday! A 10+ for quality and service

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